Here’s our price guide for project effort to help give an understanding of overall project cost. Other expenses, such as travel, accommodation and equipment vary with the project and we can discuss these in more detail.

Project Effort (per developer, booked in advance)Day rate (8 hours)
12+ weeks£200
8-11 weeks£250
4-7 weeks£300
0-3 weeks£350
Standard terms on are available on application

Let’s collaborate.

Everything begins with a conversation, where we work out what could be possible. From this comes a proposal of work, to which we provide an estimate – and then the project starts…!

We try and run each project as a shared endeavour. Here are some principles we stick to, which give solid benefits and good outcomes.

We believe in kindly, regular and transparent communication to keep everyone properly informed. That’s so that when we hit problems, we trust each other to find the best solution. Even if that means compromise.

We plan projects in short sprints of effort to a goal, so we can always see a manageable task ahead. That ensures clarity of vision and keeps morale high.

We believe in regular deliveries, so there’s always a working product. That provides the reassurance of tangible progress and a focus for constructive feedback.

We believe this ethic gives better results and deepens relationships but – above all – it makes projects kinder, more collaborative and less stressful for everyone as we work towards common success.