Welcome to Chorlton, Part 1: The Northernmost border with Whalley Range

Chorlton. Home of The Bee-Gees. And The Wheelies. And Danger Mouse (warning: links to mirth – and advertising, unfortunately).

And, latterly, me. In 1991, I lived in a student house on Sylvan Avenue, Whalley Range (I’d like my blue plaque, please) and Chorlton was where we went for kicks (No money, walking distance). I found myself there, via a mixture of naivety, incompetence, failure and luck. I fell in love with the place and its restorative powers. At various times in my life I’ve needed a pick-me up. These pages are a thank-you to all the places of Chorlton and their people who, just by doing the things they do every day, have done just that.

Fancy a tour? Here we go! We’ll be using the Ordnance Survey Explorer map, Oldham, Rochdale & Stockport, No. 277 1:25 000, if you’d like to follow along. Do be careful with the folds, now. Oh, and make sure you pack a waterproof. It rains 😉

The Map

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